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On behalf of the entire OSAY board, I would like to extend the warmest welcome to our new and returning OSAY members. The goal of OSAY is to provide all spouses with friendship and a feeling of home while living overseas. What that means is entirely up to you, whether that is a calendar full of plans or just a familiar face in the commissary. It is my hope that with our efforts and your participation, we will foster life-long friendships, create comfort both on and off base, and offer plenty of opportunities for fun.

Our board is full of excitement for all the possibilities this year has to offer, especially as Covid restrictions continue to lessen. Currently, we have plans for Japanese culture and craft experiences, social mixers, game nights, and off base adventures. We are also thrilled to be introducing a couple new initiatives to OSAY throughout the year that will provide all members with a greater sense of community and tradition!

I am so grateful that you have decided to make OSAY a part of your Yokosuka experience.

                               Libby Cartagena,
                               Your 2022-2023 OSAY President


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