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With a little under a month before our epic "Welcome Back Bash" we are excited to present our Summer Session. This means any eligible person* may attend, no membership necessary! Here's what's going on in AUGUST:

OSAY welcomes you to kick back, relax, and enjoy a happy hour drink with us! We will be at the O'club Bar from 4pm-6pm on August, 17th, ready to talk about all things Japan, Navy, and OSAY! There is no fee, no theme, and no host!

OSAY welcomes you back to our first book club of the year! Erika Bryant-Northcutt is hosting at her home #63 Nara Heights, Ikego Housing Detachment. We will be reading Lessons in Chemistry and The Wager. Snacks and a Signature Cocktail will be provided! Additional snacks are welcome but NOT REQUIRED. In fact, reading is not required! Come and enjoy good food, lively conversation, and making new friends.

*Babes in arms welcome. The 8pm start time is set with children's bedtimes in mind*

Book Club Links:

The Wager:

Lessons in Chemistry:

Members and interested potential members are invited to join a morning of coffee, conversation, and a mimosa bar. Get to know OSAY and hear about our plans for the upcoming year! Potluck items welcome, but not required. Children are welcome to attend!

Thursday, August 31st


Sakura heights

And a sneak peak at SEPTEMBER:

We are excited to bring back an OSAY favorite! The rounds and questions are back to school themed. Keep an eye out for a bonus point question on our Facebook. We recommend teams of 4 because of prize distribution. Active duty members or eligible non-members are welcome to attend this event! As always, there will be some pretty amazing prizes for the winners!

Our first cultural event this year is a Calligraphy class with Miki! Tickets are $10 for members and $15 for non members!

Details are still in the works for this event, BUT you can mark your calendars for September 21st! We will be touring the museum, AND A NOODLE MAKING CLASS! This will be a morning excursion, but should be back before school ends for the day!

There are many more events coming your way! Sign-ups are available on our website here:


*Eligibility: Open to SOFA-sponsored spouses of active and retired U.S. military officers and DOD civilians (GS-7 and above) residing in the greater Yokosuka area.

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