We are honored to serve as your OSAY Board for 2020-2021. We are excited to bring a new year of events and opportunities to you as you navigate the waters of life here in Yokosuka!



Vice President

Hi! I'm Alyssa Smith. I've been married to my husband Steve for 18 years and we've been living this Navy life almost all of those 18 years. I grew up in Atlanta, moved to San Antonio for college and met my husband in Austin. He went to OCS 5 months after our wedding and its been a crazy adventure ever since.  

We've been in Yokosuka since July 2019 and this is our 9th duty station but our first overseas tour. We really enjoy taking our 3 kids out exploring in Japan. So far Tokyo Disney and the snow monkeys in Nagano have been our favorite adventures but we are excited to have many more this year. 

I'm happiest by the ocean. I love reading and participating in our OSAY book club. I am always down for karaoke, wine nights, trivia, bingo, bunco and costume parties.




I’m Laura and I am originally from Southwest Virginia. I’m a graduate of James Madison University and I previously worked at a financial institution. My husband, Grant, and I have known each other for many years, but the last three have been a whirlwind! In 2017, we married and moved to Yokosuka shortly thereafter. I love to travel and learn about other cultures, so exploring Asia has been an exciting adventure. In my free time, I enjoy photography, trying new recipes, and meeting new people. When you see me around, please say hello! 



Hello friends! I’m Lori, I grew up in Manchester, New Hampshire. My family and I have been here for a year now. We are loving Japan and the awesome community here! I met my husband in college at Norwich University in Vermont. I majored in business management and played lacrosse. I am currently a stay at home mom to two little cuties. Which involves being a jungle gym, provider of food all the time, and house coordinator. When I’m not doing all the mom things, I like to read, go to the beach, travel, run and spend time with family and friends. 



Hey Friends - fellow Texan here! My family and I have been in Yokosuka since January 2020 but were also stationed here from 2011-2016.  I’ve been married to my Sailor for 9 years, and we have 3 crazy (awesome) children, and 1 fur child. I’m a nutritionist by trade and am enjoying being the CEO of the Seeger household right now.


I love cooking and trying new recipes, collecting healthy eating cookbooks, cookie decorating, wine nights with friends, travelling and meeting new people! 


I’m definitely looking forward to being a part of the OSAY board this year, new friendships, new experiences, and exploring more of what Japan has to offer with such a fabulous group of people.



Hey! I’m Lisa Uptegrove. My family of five has been in Yokosuka since February 22nd 2018.  We are penciled in for follow on orders, so we should be here until June 2023 (So we can have two Kinnick Graduates). This will be only the 2nd time in 26 years that we have stayed in the same area for two consecutive tours. This was our first tour overseas, and other than the COVID-19 pandemic, we have loved Japan.

I am excited to help plan events that will keep us connected and having fun over the next year. I love impromptu gatherings too. If you're out and about and see me make sure you stop and say hello, well if you have time stop and if you need to be somewhere within the next hour maybe just wave. I have been known to chat for extended periods of time in commissary aisles and parking lots!




I’m Gierla Camille, but most people call me DJ. My husband Wags and I have been together for 15 years and have an 8 year old daughter, Zolanie. We’ve been in Yokosuka since July 2018 and are approaching our last year here. I like to say Japan and I have a love and hate relationship. OSAY has definitely been on the love side of my time here. Last year I had an amazing time serving as an Event Chair and am honored to serve as President for the OSAY 2020/2021 year. I’m just praying we don’t spend most of it in SIP.

I'm originally from the sunshine state of Florida. I’m a 9 year Army Veteran and graduated from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Management and HR. I love cooking, hosting and planning events. In my spare time you can find me crafting, creating new designs and exploring new wines with friends. Looking forward to bringing you an amazing OSAY year.




I'm from North Dakota, married to my sailor, Jason, for 12 years.  We've got 2 kiddos, Logan & Avery and have been in Yokosuka since July 2018.  I'm a Navy veteran, and RN for 17 years in various specialties.  I'm not currently working (my husband laughs when I say I'm retired, I'm not sure why!) and am quite enjoying being a stay at home mom for the first time.  My days generally consist of GTL (that's Jersey Shore lingo for all you non-fans).  Gym, Tacos and laundry. Actually, make that GTLD.  Gym, tacos, laundry, and dishes!  We live off base and have a tiny washing machine and even tinier dish washer.  We love living here in Japan and being a part of the Yokosuka community. We're trying to maximize our time here by seeing and doing as much as possible.



Hello! I’m Megan and I grew up in Nebraska (Go Big Red!).  I met my husband in 2010 in San Diego while I was attending graduate school and he was in residency.  We have two amazing boys who keep me very busy.  I'm a full time mom now, but before this I had the opportunity to do strategic human capital work across industries such as big tech, transportation, manufacturing, and the government.  

My family and I have been in Japan for almost a year.  I love traveling so living overseas is perfect because there is so much to do and see.  I also enjoy reading, hiking, and spending time with family and friends.  I look forward to meeting you and having a lot of fun this year!



Hi, I’m Abby Borrego.  I grew up in Bloomington, Indiana (cornfields, everywhere!), and met my husband while attending college in the DC area.  I’ve worked primarily in HR and non-profits in the 10 years since I’ve been a Navy spouse, but my true dream is to head back to school to become a social worker (it’ll happen, someday; maybe retirement, where all things are possible?!).  Since we’ve moved here, I teach some English and ‘Mom’ my 5 year old daughter, which has been really enjoyable. 

This is our second time in Yokosuka, and I’m so thankful to have found OSAY this time around.  There couldn’t be a more supportive, active, and fun group to be a part of.  I’m looking forward to more fun this year.



l say I’m from everywhere because I’ve moved a lot even before becoming a Navy Wife, 3 years ago. I choose to call North Carolina my “home” but was born in LI, NY . We moved to Yokosuka in September 2018 with my first born- a King Charles Cavalier named Charlie.  As a recovering workaholic in Healthcare Administration, I’ve welcomed the change in pace & opportunities that Japan has brought me, including teaching English to all ages, experimenting with Japanese cuisine, and fueling my inner Travel Junkie. We live off-base in a beautiful Japanese home that makes #HousewifeLife no joke. We have a little over a year left in our journey here and I’m looking forward to the arrival of our 1st non-fur Baby this Fall. You’ll still catch me at Book Club and Bunco on the REG as I’m all about the Wine & Dine. I’ve got 4 non-negotiable countries left on my Bucket List so let’s all push for a Covid-Free 2020-2021 OSAY season!