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Hi! I'm Libby and I am very excited to be your new OSAY president! I was born and raised in South Florida. I married my high school sweetheart in 2015 and we have two boys, Joseph who is 2 years old and Adam who was born here in Yokosuka 8 months ago.

I am a speech language pathologist and hold degrees from the University of Florida (GO GATORS!) and the University of Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER!). Back in the states I worked in elementary schools and a private practice specializing in dyslexia and reading comprehension. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, shopping, cooking, reading, watching TV or playing Mario Bros and recently have found an appreciation for fitness.

We have been here just a year and I have found so much to love already! My favorite things about Japan are all of its food, thrift shopping, and travel. I haven't been to karaoke yet, but I just know I would love it, so if you're looking for someone to go with you hit me up! I have made lifelong friends who are more like family and it is my passion as president to help everyone do the same in their time here!



Kasey Stevens is an 18 year military spouse and a homeschooling mom of 3. She has an extensive background in health and wellness, a masters in Public Health, and is in the final stages of becoming a board certified functional nutrition counselor. Kasey is a certified personal trainer and posture specialist, and most recently a self-published author and co-hosts the Self Care Club Project podcast.


This is her second tour in Japan, but her first in Yokosuka. She enjoys all things outdoors, reading, working out, and helping others on their wellness journey. She is excited for the opportunity to help serve this community through her involvement with the board and looking forward to meeting lots of new faces.



Born and bred in South Africa. Sailed across several oceans, then to University. Briefly sailed for the South African Olympic sailing team as an alternate. Moved to the UK and joined the British Army; cause you get to sail AND blow stuff up.

Met my wife whilst sailing at USNA and was lured across the pond by her. We have had a whirlwind of tours including Bahrain and New Port. Before I knew it I had two girls and were flying to Japan with a hope and a prayer.

We have been here since August 2021, living large out in town. (I'm 6'5" and can't stand straight in most of my house.)



Hi! I’m Shannon Blaydes. I am a Marine Corps brat; which means I’ve been moving place to place throughout my entire life. I’ve lived in Okinawa, Hawaii, Oklahoma Monterey and even the Marshall Islands. Yokosuka makes the 19th place I’ve lived. I met my super hot awesome husband in 2002 while living in Arizona studying Graphic Design at the Southwest University of Visual Arts. We’ve been together ever since! I’m a mom to 3 amazing kids; Marlee (18), Hayden (16), and Wyatt (11)… oh and 2 hairy German Shepherds; Nani(6) and Pele(6)!!

We have been here in Yokosuka since March of 2021 and have loved every second of it. I enjoy going on adventures, shopping, cooking, binge watching shows, playing Xbox and going to the beach.. Definitely going to the beach which I plan on doing much more of this summer! Hahaha!

I am looking forward to meeting you and being apart of the events planning with OSAY this year!



Hi! I’m Rachel Greenhouse. Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and an avid sports fan! Baseball is my jam and you can find me planning vacations around different stadiums, both here in Japan and in the states. I also grew up in the competitive dance world from elementary school to high school. 


I am a graduate from Purdue University with a Bachelors in Special Education and received a Masters in Special Education from Lesley University. I have taught in all different settings and age groups, ranging from 1st grade to junior college.


I am a fierce advocate for Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness to honor my daughter born sleeping, Taylor. I have one living daughter, Logan, who is 2 years old. I have been a Navy spouse since 2015 to my husband, Cole.


I cannot wait for this year ahead and to see what’s in store for OSAY!


 Vice President

Erika Bryant-Northcutt is a 2015 Graduate of The University of South Carolina from with a degree in Music. She most recently hails from the non-profit world with a Master’s in Arts Non-Profit Management from the highly selective program at American University. She completed an extensive research project on fundraising and event planning for small non-profit organizations.

She has been a social media and fundraising consultant for social organizations, rural theatres, as well as small businesses. She single-handedly managed an overseas tour to Greece for the American University Chamber Singers. She has studied at the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia and her research has been published in their annual report.

This is her second tour to Yokosuka, Japan. Previously, she was the OSAY event coordinator, taught private music lessons, and worked at Yokohama International School as the Choral Director. Most recently, she has created a history podcast, The Pithy Chronicle LLC!



Katherine and Andy, her husband of 5 years, have lived in Yokosuka since 2021. She has an English degree from William & Mary and a background in book publishing. She spent several years as a children's editor at Penguin, and currently works remotely as a literary agent (though her most interesting work experience is arguably the two weeks she recently spent on a goat farm).

She's lived in northern VA, Manhattan, eastern CT, and San Diego, but this is her first overseas tour. OSAY helped her meet some wonderful people last year and she's looking forward to serving with the board in 2022-2023!



Hi, my name is Mary Beth Cheatham. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I am a Registered nurse (hopefully one day I will return to my passion), a mother to three boys, and a navy wife to my SWO husband, Adam.


We have lived in Yokosuka since August 2021 and are truly enjoying our time here. Living here in Yokosuka and being apart of OSAY I have formed some amazing friendships. It amazes me with what I have been able to experience in just a short period of time. I like to keep my calendar full and my schedule busy to see and do all the things.


Some hobbies of mine are hiking, cooking/baking, and exploring everything about our host nation; learning about the culture and trying all the new foods and experiences.


I am excited for what the next year has in store for us. And I truly look forward to meeting you and making this one of the best years especially since we are just coming out of a pandemic.



Chelsea Bienvenu originally comes from The Big Easy where she met her husband, Kirk, of 10 years. Together they have 2 children, William (6) and Addy (5). 


Chelsea has her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from LSU Heath Sciences Center-New Orleans and practiced in various settings of PT for 9 years prior to coming to Yokosuka in January 2022. She also recently received her Personal Training Certification. 


Chelsea’s hobbies include hiking, working out, and catching up on trashy reality shows. She is very excited to be assisting with the Events committee on the OSAY 2022-2023 Board!











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